Loyola issues warning about computer hackers

An e-mail from ITS Services was sent to the entire Loyola University Chicago community regarding the security on all wireless networks.

At the end of October, an exploit was released that could potentially put the public’s online identity at risk. Using popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, are targets for hijacking personal information. As of recently, an exploit called Firesheep is used to obtain this information.

Some reminders from ITS include:

-By joining an unsecure wireless network, you are allowing a malicious person in your immediate vicinity to “hear” your wireless conversation.

Firesheep allows the hacker to change your password and steal your account on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo; post updates, tweets, or reviews; send a message as you; change your personal information; or any other activity supported by the website.

-Loyola, and other public hotspots (such as airports and coffee shops), are vulnerable to this exploit.

For the full e-mail and more information about exploits, click here.

– Allie Stigall

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