Loyola may get Target store

By Jake Mazanke

Loyola University Chicago students are setting their sights on a new department store: Target.

Talks are underway to build  a Target department store near Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park.

target_416x416Alderman Joe Moore , Ward 49, said in a recent news release that negotiations are ongoing between Chicago Housing Association and a contractor regarding property on the southwest corner of Sheridan Road and Devon Avenue.

The Chicago Housing Authority owns the property and a 22-story senior citizen housing unit along with a community room and an outdoor green space occupy the lot.

The proposal is to knock down the community room and green space to build another 120 unit apartment complex and a 35,000 square foot Target department store. The contracting company also plans to add a two story parking structure under the store.

If the proposal were to go through, the Target would be located within short walking distance from most Loyola dorms. The prospect of having a department store so close to campus excites many students.

“I don’t think Rogers Park has anything like what you can find in Target,” said Peter Schiable, rising junior and biology major at Loyola. “It’s not like Whole Foods or Devon Market because you can find home goods in there. It has everything a student needs.”

There are already two Target stores within a few miles of the Loyola Lake Shore Campus. One is located southwest of campus on 2112 W. Peterson Ave. The other is located near the Wilson red line station at 4466 North Broadway St.

Despite the proximity of the other Target stores, Schiable believes that having another Target in Rogers Park will only help students.

“I went to the Target off of Peterson just the other day and it took me, round-trip, like an hour or an hour and a half,” Schiable said. “It is just too far to go to the other Target stores. People never want to go there, they do it because they have to.”



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