Uptown hosts CAPS Night

Children play in the park during CAPS Night Out. Photo by Jake Mazanke

By Jake Mazanke

Wednesday night marked the second week of CAPS Night Out, an event held simultaneously in Buttercup Park and at Swift School.

The event, hosted by the 48th Ward, the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Park District, began last summer at Swift School, on 5900 N Winthrop Avenue. After positive feedback from the community, the event expanded to Buttercup Park for this summer.

Last week, in its inaugural night, CAPS night out in Buttercup Park hosted more than 200 people.

“This event encourages community participation,” said PC-Gooden-Smiley, assistant to the  48th ward Alderman and organizer of the event. “We bring the police out for the night to interact with people from the neighborhood. It is something that brings people out in a positive way.”

CAPS night out looks to bring children of all ages into the park. They have food and games set up for kids to participate in.

Buttercup Park, located near the corner of Sheridan Road and Argyle Avenue, was built four years ago. It is a multidimensional park with a playground, basketball court and a small water park.

Golden-Smiley is involved with Buttercup park beyond CAPS Night Out. Along with working for the Alderman, she also the president of the Buttercup Park Advisory Council.

“The park is beautiful and challenging at the same time,” said Gooden-Smiley. “We hope to have this event to engage different groups and ethnicities in the community.”

Along with CAPS night out, Buttercup will host a variety of events that are open to the community. This Saturday, the park will host music and dancing as a part of Uptown Saturday Nights. The park also hosts movie night two Friday’s a month during the summer.

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