Clarke’s opens at Loyola

The new Clarke's at Loyola. Loyola University Chicago photo.
The new Clarke’s at Loyola.
Loyola University Chicago photo.

By Jake Mazanke

There’s another new dining option at  Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus, as Clarke’s Diner recently opened.

Clarke’s had its grand opening on July 8 in Granada Center at 6431 N. Sheridan Road. Clarke’s and might seem familiar to local customers. A Clarke’s Diner had previously been in business on Belmont Avenue but was shut down in April 2015.

“Business has been great so far and we are really trying to let the community know that we are out there,” said Clarke’s server, Audrey Michaelson. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community because we [Clarke’s] is such a well-known brand.”

Although Clarke’s on Rogers Park is not yet open 24-hours a day just yet, the diner will begin its signature all day service when the restaurant becomes more established. According to Michaelson, extended service should begin by the time the fall semester begins.

For now, patrons can still utilize the diner’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

“We want to create a family friendly and homey atmosphere that you can only get at a diner,” Michaelson said. “It is a great place to relax and just enjoy a drink and a burger.”

All Loyola students get a 10 percent discount at Clarke’s if they show a student ID.

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